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LexLin Fever's Custom King Cob

2016 Black/White Tobiano Colt - EE, Tt, PSSM n/n, FIS n/n - Expected Height 13hh

Possibly for Sale - Contact for Details

A long awaited cross, this exquisite colt from NatWest and Kingsley of LexLin couldn't be more perfect, he is exactly what was expected from these two fantastic parents. Correct conformationally, with a pint pot head and tiny ears to match it. A definite show stopper with stunning markings, just enough chrome to make him stand out of the crowd and one blue eye to top things off! Tons of hair already, looking forward to some excellent feather, with a wild colored mane and and a tiny touch of white in his otherwise black tail. Excellent movement at the trot with beautiful action, will make a magnificent driving and riding horse.  Notable quotes about his world famous sire NatWest

“NatWest is one of the best Gypsy Cobs that have ever been bred,” said Tom Price, a highly respected Gypsy Horse breeder.

“a living legend” – Tom Price; Winter 2010 edition of the Gypsy Horse Journal
“king among kings” – Mary Mathes
“Not only is NatWest absolutely gorgeous, he is so kind. I am surprised I got any photos of him b/c I spent so much time giving him scritches :)” – Elizabeth Sescilla
“he is the most gentle stallion I have ever met.” – Michael Stegman

LexLin's Fort Knox Fever

2016 Buckskin Tobiano Colt - EE, Aa, CRcr, Tt, W20, PSSM n/n, FIS n/n - Expected Height 14.2-3hh

He is SOLD! Headed to Ontario, Canada!!

LexLin's Fort Knox Fever is a stunningly handsome golden buckskin tobiano colt, with the same, rarely seen deep golden color of his world renowned sire, Sundance Kid. Not only does he have his color, he has his wonderful temperament to go along with his beautiful correct conformation and floating movement. And his beautiful head is a combination of his handsome sire and his supermodel mother, Jennifer of LexLin, one of the prettiest Gypsy mares in the country. Knox has, since birth, had the expression and the presence of a champion in the making, he knows how good he is and how good he looks, and he tells the world about it with every step he takes. Knox has incredible amounts of silky feather and a double mane already at 8 months old. He has huge bone and is built strong and sure like Fort Knox that he is named for, and with his purchase you will be sure to appease your Gypsy fever, all the while passing it along to everyone that meets his outstanding colt. He's got it all in one package, conformation, color, temperament, and presence. His future is bright like the gold in Fort Knox. 

DNA Color/Temperament tests by Etalon DX, click here for full lab results.

Up to Date on vaccines and dewormings. 

Click Here to Watch Video of His Birth

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