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Illusive Phantom Fever "Webber"

2017 Black/White Tobiano Colt - Ee, Tt, PSSM n/n, FIS n/n - Expected Height 14hh

For Sale - Extended Financing Available - Contact for Details

"Webber" is a strong, beautiful classic black and white colt that started off our 2017 foaling season with a bang! With a sought after medicine hat, phantom mask, chest shield and black tail to finish it perfectly, he certainly was born with a little bit of magic. Standing in 20 minutes, nursing within his first hour, he will be a force to be reckoned with, already so stable and agile, his talents are sure to show themselves more with each passing day. Webber has what it takes to excel in most any discipline, an excellent mover with a willing attitude and a big heart is all anyone could ask for. However, to add to that he has stunning good looks, proper Gypsy cob conformation and the fantastic hair to go with it already at his young age. He is a dream horse and that dream is easy to make a reality with our payment program, please contact us for more details. Hurry, because this is one dream that won't be available for long!

Fever's Spectacular-Spectacular

2017 BlackFilly - EE, PSSM n/n, FIS n/n - Expected Height 13+

Not Available For Sale at This Time

Kingsley of LexLin gave us a carbon copy of herself and we could not be more excited about this filly!! Sired by the great stud NatWest, this filly is sure to be a showstopper!! 

Fever's Shimmering Royal

2017 Silver Dapple - EE, Zn, PSSM n/n possible W20 gene, full DNA panel pending Expected Height 14.3+

Not Available For Sale at This Time

Evangeline and Sir Royal Excalibur gave me just what I prayed for and dreamed of, a solid silver dapple filly born on May 13, 2017. Shimmery as we call her, has a perfect blaze and what look to be two hind stockings, and of course gorgeous silver dapple coloring, she looks lavender when you first see her and then a beautiful tan color. She is soft as a bunny with the tiniest mane curls and then big waves in her coat. I could not be more thrilled with her and can't wait to see her grow up before my eyes <3 

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