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Our Mares

Majestic's Lady Guinevere

2009 Silver Dapple Tobiano Mare - EE, Zz, Tt, W20, PSSM n/n, FIS n/n

"Gigi" is our top show mare. Winning and placing reserve in large classes all year in both open and breed shows. Showing in halter as well as english and western classes. She was the 2017 GHRA Ambassador Champion Mare in Halter, Performance and Exhibitions. Finishing out the year Top 10 in the nation amateur overall in breed shows, year end Reserve Champion color in our open shows. Gigi is sired by the well known imported Silver Dapple Gypsy Vanner stallion, Sir Royal Excalibur, the first imported Silver Dapple Stallion and out of the beautiful import mare, Lady Ganieda. Gigi is a beautiful silver dapple tobiano mare, with beautiful movement, tons of hair and feather and classic correct cob type. She is a large mare standing 15.1 hands, and has been trained and shown in dressage prior to coming to Gypsy Fever. Her previous trainer stating she is one of the nicest horses she's worked with in 40 years. 

Kingsley of LexLin

2009 Black Mare - EE, PSSM n/n FIS n/n

Kingsley is an impressive, classic Gypsy Cob mare. Solid black with rare black feather on all four legs but for one small coronet and a perfect star. This sweet mare is curious and friendly to all she meets, she always likes to see what is going on. She has excellent conformation, with tons of feather and hair, at just 13.3 hands high, she is just about as compact and heavy as they come! She is built thick with a gorgeous head, big doe eyes with a lovely neck. Imported from the UK as a yearling out of the herd of Tom Price, one of the most well respected Gypsy Vanner breeders in the world. We look forward to the future of what this top class mare will bring to the foundations of Gypsy Fever Farms!

Her sire is Joe King's Stallion and her dam is a Daughter of Lenny. 

Mother of our outstanding 2016 black tobiano colt by NatWest, LexLin Fever's Custom King Cob, and his sister in 2017, the spitting image of her mother, a perfect solid black filly sired also by the famous blue blagdon tobiano stallion NatWest, “a living legend” – Tom Price; Winter 2010 edition of the Gypsy Horse Journal 

Kingsley has been rebred to NatWest for another fantastic foal due May 2018. She will be left open for 2019 in order to be started under saddle and to begin her show career.


2006 Black/White Tobiano Mare - EE, tT, PSSM n/n, FIS n/n

Evangeline is sired by the well known Irish bred Gypsy Cob stallion, Clononeen Shamrock and out of the beautiful MS Maria. Evangeline is a beautiful classic black and white tobiano mare, with beautiful movement, tons of hair and feather and classic correct cob type. She is a large mare standing 14.3 hands, and has been trained in dressage and western. An accomplished dressage show mare, she has not only the beauty but the brains to do just about anything. Wonderful with children, she is a neighborhood favorite, and stands like a saint to be groomed and braided by the horse crazy neighborhood kids.

She produced a stunning solid silver dapple filly for us in 2017 by Sir Royal Excalibur.

Jennifer of LexLin

2008 Black/White Tobiano Mare - Ee, Tt, W20n - PSSM n/n, FIS n/n

The exquisitely beautiful Jennifer of LexLin, undeniably one of the most beautiful Gypsy Vanner mares in the US. Imported as a yearling from the UK by LexLin  Gypsy Ranch, she brings to our program her great conformation and movement, and correct cob type with her classic, yet flashy black/white tobiano markings. She passes on her very interesting and beautiful facial markings to her foals, along with her expressive personality, great movement and type. 


Her sire is Lexx and her dam is The Farmer’s Good Mare (Derek’s Good Mare). 

Mother of our outstanding 2016 buckskin tobiano colt, LexLin's Fort Knox Fever, sired by the world reknowned golden buckskin stallion, Sundance Kid.

She had a beautiful black tobiano colt by The Warden in 2017 that we have available for sale.

Jennifer is Due to NatWest in mid September 2018, we are wildly excited for her first foal by NatWest! It is sure to be a looker! She will be left open for 2019 and will begin her under saddle and show career, she will be a working mom!

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Show Fillies

Fever's Spectacular-Spectacular

2017 BlackFilly - EE, PSSM n/n, FIS n/n - Expected Height 13+

2018 National Champion Yearling Fillies!!! Out of our own Kingsley of LexLin and sired by the great stud NatWest, This filly sure is a showstopper!! 2018 National Champion and Champion Yearling Filly in a huge class at the Texas Feathered Horse Classic. Champion Yearling at the 2018 Festival of the Gypsies and 2018 California Gypsy Horse Club Southern Show! She was also 1st place of 10 horses in Amateur Ground Obstacles in Hand and 2nd place of 17 horses in Ground Obstacles in Hand Open Horse 5 and Under at the Texas Feathered Horse Classic. 

Fever's Shimmering Royal

2017 Silver Dapple - EE, Zn, PSSM n/n

We are so sad to have lost our beautiful Shimmery in June of 2018 in a freak accident in her stall. We are devastated at her loss and she can never be replaced in our hearts. In her short time with us she won over many hearts near and far and she shined in her few times she was in the show ring, winning reserve championships in large color classes due to her stunning silver dapple coat that shined like none other. She was our dream come true and is missed every single day. 


Evangeline and Sir Royal Excalibur gave me just what I prayed for and dreamed of, a solid silver dapple filly born on May 13, 2017. Shimmery as we call her, has a perfect blaze and what look to be two hind stockings, and of course gorgeous silver dapple coloring, she looks lavender when you first see her and then a beautiful tan color. She is soft as a bunny with the tiniest mane curls and then big waves in her coat. I could not be more thrilled with her and can't wait to see her grow up before my eyes <3 

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