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Lease Mares

The Frosted Filly

2013 Red Roan Tobiano Mare - ee, Tt, Rn, PSSM n/n

"Frosty" aka The Frosted Filly, there is so much to say about this gorgeous mare, but firstly we have to thank her amazing owner Kristyn Adams for offering her to us on a breeding lease to hopefully get a stunning foal with her and Boss Jr. Frosty is a well known, highly coveted in our community, high quality, stunning rare red roan tobiano mare. She is the stuff proper cob dreams are made of, not only the color of a brick house, she is built like one too! She has the epitome of a pint pot head, she is literally as wide as she is tall, has the perfect Gypsy temperament and has color to top it all off! We are praying for the safe arrival of a 2021 foal from her and Boss Jr. 

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