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2018 Fiesta Champions!

*Majestic's Lady Guinevere Fiesta Show Overall High Point Gypsy Horse CGHC Overall Show High Point CGHC Reserve Amateur High Point Reserve Overall Champion Mare 1st of 11 in Broken Color 2nd of 7 in Mares 5 and older 2nd of 17 in Grooming and Conditioning 2nd of 15 in North American Bred 2nd in Amateur Halter and placed in all but one of our Dressage Suitability, English and Western riding classes!


Fever's Spectacular-Spectacular - Champion Yearling, Reserve High Point Show Champion Young Stock, 2nd in Showmanship with me, 1st place Amateur Halter with Jes, 5th of 17 in Grooming and Conditioning with Beth, 5th of 17 in Liberty with me and Kip, 7th of 15 in North American Bred with Beth, and 6th of 13 in Solid Color again with Beth.

Fever's Shimmering Royal 3rd of 13 in Halter Solid Color (highest placing silver dapple with 5 silvers in the class!) 4th of 4 in Yearling Halter.

There are a million things to write and million photos to go with it, but I'm starting here...I am so thankful to my hubby for being the most amazing horse show support ever, from taking a million photos for us, to keeping Gigi supplied with peppermint candies, to loading and unloading, watering, you name it and he does it and he makes it so much more fun by being there by my side. And as if I couldn't be any more lucky, I am, I have the greatest horse show partner anyone could ever wish for, Jessa makes our horse show world go round, full of smiles, so much laughter, support, the greatest sportsmanship and attitude of anyone I know, win or lose, it's a smile and a reason to work harder, she is a treasure of friend and I'm so glad we met and can enjoy this journey together. And nobody can show three horses at one show without the help and support from friends like Beth who has done such a great job with our little star whom we all affectionately call Filly Cheesesteak (long story) but she is officially known as Fever's Spectacular-Spectacular and she is every bit of that!! That all being said, it's been an amazing weekend showing with a wonderful group of people and friends like Cheyenne, Pam, Michelle, April, Carly, Samantha, Lucy, Jamie and their crew! A great time was had by all!!

Fever's Spectacular-Spectacular - Champion Yearling, Reserve Hi-Point Young Stock Champion

Fever's Shimmering Royal - 3rd Place Solid Color of 13 (top placing silver dapple)

Fever's Shimmering Royal - 4th Place Yearlings

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