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Saddle and Harness Final Show

Finished out our Saddle and Harness Club show series this past Sunday.

Gigi was Reserve Champion Overall Halter 1st of 4 in Draft 1st of 8 in Color 3rd of 12 in English Country Pleasure 5th of 7 in WT Eng. West. Adult.

Spectacular was the only yearling so the easy winner there and then was 4th in Draft, 5th in non-color, the judge wasn't her biggest fan LOL but it's okay, she is a growing girl. We are so excited for Gypsy Nationals in Texas and can't wait to see how she fares against the best of the best! Thank you to Beth Chamberlain for showing her all year in this series! Couldn't have done it without you!! And thanks to Michelle and Todd for the photo and all the others through the year too! #gypsyfeverfarms #gypsyvanner#showhorse #horseshow #gypsyhorse #gypsycob #silverdapple#blackhorse

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