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Boss Jr.'s Shines at the Missouri State Fair!

I'll try not to be to long winded and sappy but no guarantees (ok, yeah that didn't happen). I am so thankful to Katie Hembree for doing such a quick turnaround on Boss from mud monster/playboy to show ready in just a few weeks time. Boss had not been ridden once since January and had no consistent work since last year. He has just been eating and breeding all year LOL, having gotten five mares in foal this spring/summer, pasture and in hand breedings, maidens and even mares that had been bred multiple cycles before he showed up, and got the job done on the first try with all five LOL.

Boss Jr. Taking 2nd in his first Liberty Class!

The Missouri State Fair was his first show in at least a year. He placed in almost all his classes with some well known and tough competition, winning 1st in Trail Open Under Saddle, 2nd in Liberty, 3rd in a large Grooming & Conditioning class and placings from 2nd-5th in six other classes. Not only did he place in many of his classes, but most of his in-hand classes he was handled by an amateur he'd only just met.

The most important thing for me and for Katie was that he was absolutely stellar in his temperament the entire show. All the feedback I got was how sweet and good minded he was, from multiple people. He was able to be handled by everyone on the team, earning himself quite the fan club over the two days of showing. He made new friends, got visits from old friends and family, and was a gentleman through it all. I am dying with anticipation to get to finally meet him in person myself next month at the Festival of the Gypsies when he comes home to California, it has been the longest wait ever!

I feel like I got the deal of a lifetime when I found him in February (was not shopping for myself FYI 🤦‍♀️😂) and I can't thank Lea Ann enough for selling him to me. Sometime soon I will post about his early years before LeaAnn found him and gave him all he needed to develop into the horse he is today.

Thank you so much to everyone that has been a part of his journey to me thus far, it has taken a village to make this dream a reality, thank you Stacey for making it even possible, to Vera and LeaAnn for selling him, I know he holds a special place in your hearts, and to Katie and her team at KD Performance Horses for working so hard to make this years showing goals a reality! Can't wait to see his five foals due in 2019!! Wish I had one coming for myself LOL

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