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***** Five Star Stallion Rating!!

Dreams I never knew I even had came true already this weekend ❤️ Boss Jr. was awarded a 5 Star GVHS Conformation/Movement Evaluation as well as his Gold Medallions of Quality in both English and Western Under Saddle! I am so proud of him, it’s so hard to put into words the emotions of the last 24 hours of meeting him for the first time to the accomplishments of just today. After owning him these last six months, just watching him and waiting from afar, seeing him in all his adventures. Anticipating him getting into Katie’s hands to begin his and our future together in the show ring, to go from our first meeting, first bath, first braids, hugs and loves to seeing him and Katie today put their all into their evaluations, to say I am proud and thankful would be an understatement. I am so glad I was here in person to hear and see the process. Too many details to list but I came away knowing that I have a true gem in this stallion, that his great mind and his giant heart are exceptional and I am blessed to have him in my life now. I cannot thank and praise Katie enough for what she’s done in the short five weeks she’s had him and she is absolutely top class in everything she does, she never lowers her expectations or her standards and it shows in everything she does and touches. She was a rock star today and I’m so blessed to be here to witness this KD Performance machine at work. And I want to thank Lea Ann again for entrusting me with Boss and his beautiful soul ❤️

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