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Boss Jr. is Nationally Qualified! High Point Reserve Championships!

Pinch me and then put me to bed!!❤️ Three packed days filled with five stars, gold medallions, ribbons, trophies I can’t fit in my suitcase, so much fun, new friends and two Show High Point Reserve Championships! Specialty in Hand Reserve Champion & WJL/WTC Reserve Champion! And also qualified in a ton of classes for Nationals! Unbelievable weekend in Minnesota at the Feathered Horse Classic! Thank you to the amazing Katie Hembree and her outstanding group of clients! What a positive, fun, talented and exceptional group of people they are!!! I can’t wait to show with them again in California at the Festival!!! Boss is very happy to be back in his stall at Katie’s with his dinner in front of him LOL 📷@heartofacowgirlphotography @ Gypsy-Fever Farms

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