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2017 Foaling Season!!

The exquisitely beautiful Jennifer of LexLin foaled a showstopping, classic black and white colt on March 31, 2017 sired by "The Warden", Illusive Phantom Fever aka "Webber" is available for sale through our payment program if needed. Jennifer has been bred for a Fall 2018 foal by the world renowned NatWest! We just love our NatWest foals and are excited to finally have one from Jennifer. We expect either solid black or some extremely flashy tobiano pattern from this foal, 50% chance for solid or pattern, will be black based.

Evangeline gave us our first silver dapple dream foal in May, "Shimmery" was born what they call a bit of a dummy foal, she does not know how to nurse on her own, so she is being fed every three hours the Foal Lac brand milk replacer from a bucket, we are following their orphan feeding schedule for her even though she has her mom. She has her own style of biting and pulling on mom which just drains the milk onto the ground and her face mostly and which also annoys sweet Eva who has the patience of a saint. But she is bright, happy, knows her name well and knickers every time she hears our voice or her name LOL So for those of you that cherish sleep, sleep a little for me, I'll sleep in a few months LOLOL and she is worth every minute of lost sleep.

#horse #gypsyvanner #gypsycob #foal #stallion #horses #silverdapple #tobiano #blackhorse #gvhs

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