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The three-peat colt has arrived!

This giant just barely arrived just 21 hours ago now, he was hoof bottoms to the sky, so upside down and required a turn with my assistance and my amazing hubby and son to keep her standing during the turn. Poor Kingsley 😳 and then he was so hard to pull it took all three of us. He’s her biggest to date. Rivals Knox in size. 😳 so thankful they both are okay. Vet comes tomorrow morning for their checkup, she's a little bruised but otherwise seems excellent, we will run IGG on him as well, both are doing amazing today despite the rough arrival. So thankful it turned out well as just yesterday I read about a tragic end to a foaling with the same positioning.

We went with the first option below : "Upside down foal–When the front feet of a foal make their appearance and the soles are pointing up instead of down, the foal is beginning the birth process upside down. There are two ways the problem can be solved–either rotate the foal or help with the delivery as presented. The dangers involved in turning the foal include puncturing or lacerating the uterine and vaginal walls, but they are outweighed, says Behling, by the nearly impossible task of delivering the foal when it is upside down. If one decides to help deliver the foal as presented, the procedure involves applying traction in a downward manner with both hands on the forelimbs until the shoulders are clear. At that point, the next step is to get both hands inside the birth canal and onto the back legs so they can be held to full extension during the remainder of the delivery. If the back legs are not held into position in that manner, there is danger that one of them could be raised and rupture the uterine or vaginal wall. While that approach sounds good in theory, Behling says, it is not a procedure he would recommend. Every effort, he said, should be made to rotate the foal into the correct position."

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