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It was a Spectacular Show!

Well it was a "Spectacular" day at todays Saddle and Harness Show! Our silly Cheesy girl, Fever's Spectacular-Spectacular swept her four halter classes with firsts in Yearlings, Draft, Solid Color and the Gypsy Class!!! She's the only yearling there now but did have good competition in the other three, so proud of her and thanks Beth Chamberlain for leading the nibbly little princess to her wins today!

Not to be outdone by her younger counterpart of course, our beautiful Gigi brought home some great placings too! 1st in Color, 3rd in Draft, and 2nd in the Gypsy class! Then in our riding classes she was 2nd in Adult Walk Trot English/Western and 4th in Western Country Pleasure!! No new pics today of Gigi so sharing an oldie but goody from a previous S&H show.

Had to edit to add this little fun fact, this club has now held 5 Gypsy special classes for us, 3 this year and 2 last year and our Gigi has been 1st three times and 2nd twice!!!! And we had an additional 1st today with Cheesy and a 2nd last year with her big brother!

We were so lucky in fact today that both our girls were selected by the on site state drug tester LOL who unfortunately didn't get a sample today, but maybe he will be lucky next time! It means you're doing good when he picks you so it's alright with us 😂😂😜

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