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Saddle & Harness September's Wins!

Another great Saddle & Harness Club Show in the books for my girls! Majestic’s Lady Guinevere 1st Color of 8 or 9 3rd Draft 1st in a nice big English Country Pleasure class (12-14 shown) 1st in Walk Trot Adult English/Western with 5 or 6 in the class (Running 2nd prior to this show for Year End Award) Fever’s Spectacular-Spectacular 1st of 3 Yearlings (Leading for Year End Champion) 4th Draft 4th Solid Color So proud of both of them ❤️ thanks as always to the amazing Beth Chamberlain for handling my Spectacular filly in her classes and for helping me get ready in the riding classes! You’re the best! And thanks Saddle and Harness for another great show with really nice prizes! Hoping todays wins helps us in year end standings, just one more show to go!!

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