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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Well I started our first Feathered Horse Classic literally on my butt in the dirt in my second class, but ended up on cloud 9 once it was all over! High Point Reserve Champion Amateur and High Point Reserve Champion Walk/Jog! And Gigi is qualified for Nationals in 15 classes, plus 4 youth classes after a great showing with Ariana in some youth in hand classes, she was so good for Ariana and it was so fun to watch someone else enjoy Gigi in the show ring! My hubby Kip showed for the very first time and was awesome! He and Shimmery were 2nd in a huge Solid Color Class and then 6th in the Amateur Color Class! He was quite proud of his Christmas colored ribbons (red and green) and had to have his very own corner in the ribbon tent, we may or may not have created a monster LOL!! Our beautiful Fever's Spectacular-Spectacular was 3rd in the yearlings class, so both our girls are also qualified for nationals in those classes! Of course none of this is any fun or possible without my amazing bestie Jes who despite her own trials this weekend still had time to handle my Filly for me and to bring so many laughs to so many difficult situations. You cannot find a better attitude at a horse show than Jessa, always a smile, guaranteed laughs and fun and always a showman through it all win or lose. She was High Point Champion Walk/Jog and I'm so excited to say we are both qualified for nationals because I would never do it without her by my side!! Thanks so much to Beth for all the trail, ranch riding and practice before the show, it sure paid off with wins in both of those classes, and for everything else too, goodness knows I'm not an easy lesson to give LOL!! And Sunday was topped off by a surprise visit from my other bestie Dana Hokana, Bree and Abby on their way home from Montana! Gigi is so much better after some time there this past winter, so much more responsive I can't thank you enough, but you stopping by the show meant the world to me, I was so happy to see your faces it completely made my weekend!! So many new friendships were made and I can't wait to show with these lovely folks again. Linda and Tracey, and Samantha and Lucy I'm so happy for all your success at this show and can't wait to do it all over again with you!! Love and hugs to everyone for all your support this weekend!!

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